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NSW Office of Water SW licences - Gloucester PAE v2 21022014


The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple source datasets. The source datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

The aim of this dataset was to be able to map each surface water works with the volumetric entitlement without double counting the volume and to aggregate/ disaggregate the data depending on the final use.

This has been clipped to the Gloucester PAE.

Dataset History

  1. Joe Bell (GA) has clipped the surface water licences to the Gloucester PAE. This clip contains the works associated with the sharecomponent/ entitlement. This can be a many to many relationship. . A work is a surface water extraction point.


  1. Share component/ entitlement information was stored in the SW_Gloucester_COMBINED_v4.csv worksheet

  2. Total volume of share component/ entitlement is 10,786ML

  3. The works and share/component information was joined using Access, linking the CWlicence to the WAorCA_link. This links the volumetric entitlement to the works location.

  4. This link also created share components that had a 0 entitlement which are licences that have been converted to unbundled licences in the new Water Act

  5. By filtering out the 0 entitlement, the number of works linked to a share/component or entitlement with a specified volume was 212 with a total of 10,786ML. Worksheet FilteredIndividualSWLicences

  6. Where there was more than one works per licence, an additional column was add COUNT_CWLICENSE. This shows where the share component/ entitlement is double counted as it is matched to each work with the full allocation.

  7. An additional column was added SHARE_PER_WORKS which divides the share component/ entitlement by the number of works to give an allocation per works.

  8. The SHARE_PER_WORKS column allows you to plot the works with the share component in ArcGIS without double counting the allocation.

  9. A glossary of terms used ini the water licensing is included here: http://registers.water.nsw.gov.au/wma/Glossary.jsp

  10. An additional worksheet was added to aggregate the data into Water Sources and Management Zones. The Water Sources and Management Zones were provided by NSW Office of Water


  1. The Avon River does not have management zones. Therefore data can only be viewed for the water source.

  2. All other works can be aggregated to the Water Source, or the management zone depending on how you want to aggregate or disaggregate the data.

relevant fields:

CWLICENSE: works licence number

COUNT_CWLICENSE: Where there was more than one works per licence

SHARE_PER_WORKS: Share component divided by number of works to ensure no double counting

STATUS_DES: Status description as active, current, cancelled

LICENCE_iS: licensed issued date

LICENCE_LO: licence lodged date

LICENCE_P: Licence purpose eg. stock and domestic, town supply, irrigation

WORK_TYPE: pump, excavation etc

WORK_TYPE_: diversion or storage

MAJOR_CATC: major surface water catchement

NAME_OF_TH: water sharing plan the licence belongs to

WATER_SHAR: water sharing plan the licence belongs to

WATER_SOUR: water source

MANAGEMENT: management zone

WSP_STATUS: Status of the water sharing plan

START_DATE: Start date of the water sharing plan

END_DATE: end date of the water sharing plan

LICENSEorAPPROVAL: licence or approval number

Status: Cancelled or current (or blank)

ShareC: Share component attached to the licence

WAorCAlink:a combined water supply works / water use approval

LINKED_TO_AL:This is the identification number for an access licence which is shown on the licence certificate or on a search printout of the licence obtained from the access licence register run by Land and Property Information.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (XXXX) NSW Office of Water SW licences - Gloucester PAE v2 21022014. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 14 June 2016, http://data.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/dataset/f0a75a2b-233f-40a4-82cb-1929f2bee8c6.

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Title NSW Office of Water SW licences - Gloucester PAE v2 21022014
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Date Published 2016-04-08
Date Updated 2023-08-09
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Bioregional Assessment Program
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Jurisdiction New South Wales
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Publisher/Agency Bioregional Assessment Program